Crusader Industries Mercury Star Runner - the new Millennium Falcon?

Started by Obsydian, August 25, 2018, 03:14:23 PM

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Hi guys,

The latest concept sale is up, and it’s for the Mecury Star Runner, and information runner come cargo ship that has a more than passing similarity to the !illenium Falcon.

Fast, heavily armoured and heavily armed, the ship is ideal for the player intent on, ahem, less than lawful transfers of goods or data.  In-built air ducts allow travel around the ship undetected.



Well I pulled the trigger and melted a couple of ships to get this one.  Whist I enjoyed the Freelancer series it always felt like I was "living in a van".

I guess I just have to wait now for a release date, which will give me a little while to think of an appropriate name for my new home.... possible the "Hasty Mallard" in honor of the Blue Duck.


The Centennial Hawk has a nice ring to it, don't you think...
All our Gods have abandoned us.


Yeah, I have to admit that I couldn’t resist this one myself, and I’m now looking at a few others I have that I doubt I’ll ever use now...