Ship Naming has started!!

Started by albert, March 10, 2021, 10:20:42 AM

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So there are a few ships now that can be named, via The Hangar on the RSI website.

Here is the background:

This is the first iteration of the feature and starts with the following ships:

Aegis Hammerhead
Aegis Reclaimer
Anvil Carrack
Crusader Industries Mercury Star Runner
Origin 600i
Origin 890 Jump

The names will be unique per hull. For example, there can be several ships named “Shooting Star” but only one 600i, Reclaimer, or 890 Jump with the name.

I named my Reclaimer and Carrack. I'd assume that popular space francise type names, Discovery, Enterprise, Rocinante will go like hotcakes. I've not added dMw to the name as I would think that there will be some Org related pre-pending happening like may happen with the pilot name in future. So in order to secure the bare names, with the option of adding dMw after, since I doubt the dMw tag plus name will be taken.
Cheers, Bert